Ohio's Goose Hunting Season And How It Effects Canada Geese Management

Ohio's Goose Hunting Season And How It Effects Canada Geese Management - Ohio Goose Control & Management Blog | Stalk & Awe Geese Management - 6a00d83452544569e200e54f45215f8834-640wiNovember 30th marked the beginning of a legal two month long hunting season here in Ohio. One big misconception about Canada geese is that they are endangered and cannot be hunted. This not the case though. Canada geese are protected just like any other animal in Ohio. However, just as there is a deer season here, there is also a goose season too.

In the eyes of Canada goose control, hunting is a viable and effective way to help manage Canada goose populations. Many rural areas are able to implement these tactics. But due to local ordinances it is often illegal to hunt or discharge weapons inside city or township limits. This is why so many people believe that you are not allowed to hunt Canada geese.

This time of year as the small ponds and manicured lawns of office and city parks freeze over geese are often forced to look for larger bodies of water for security. They also tend to feed in picked crop fields. If your property is located close to any of those areas it could bring some relief. Geese will choose to forage there instead. This will also provide hunters with the opportunity to take the birds as they frequent theses rural areas to feed.

However the hunting season could also spell trouble for your property as well. If there has been an active hunting presence established in theses surrounding rural areas, the geese will choose to not frequent those areas. As the geese start to feel the pressure you may find yourself with new visitors during the hunting season as the geese seek safety and refuge from hunting.