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Stalk and Awe Geese Management Offers a Wide Range of Canada Goose Deterrents to the Greater Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus Areas

For maximum success with Canada goose control, it is best to deploy several deterrent methods, in combination with a comprehensive goose management program. When these methods are used properly they can have a great success rate. Unfortunately, poor results are often caused due to lack of proper use and knowledge. At Stalk and Awe we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the newest control and deterrent methods.

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The Goosebuster

The Goosebuster is a one-of-a-kind sonic repellent device designed to get rid of geese. Based on extensive scientific research into the behavior and vocal communications of Canada geese, the Goosebuster is the most effective goose control solution available anywhere – using recordings of Canada geese to eliminate and prevent stubborn goose infestation.

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Terror Eyes

This menacing predator replica strikes instinctual fear into the hearts of geese, birds, and other small animals. The “3D” structure makes it visible from every angle. The “eyes” are made from holographic materials, which create the illusion that the large, menacing eyes are following the bird to attack. The bright colors, large size, and holographic eyes work together to exaggerate the features that birds fear the most.

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Away With Geese

Stalk and Awe Geese Management is an authorized distributor of Away With Geese in the greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas. The success of the product is based around a simple concept: at night, geese sleep in or near water areas where they feel secure from their predators (dogs, foxes and coyotes). Special lighting prevents geese from roosting in areas secure areas as Away With Geese simulates the eye reflection of these predators and disrupts the geese’s ability to sleep. The geese no longer consider the area “safe” and will simply move to another suitable area within a few days.

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Coyote Effigy

These life-sized coyote decoys work by re- introducing the goose’s natural predator back into the area and can be successful in deterring Canada Geese populations. Combine them with the use of border collies or predators calls like the Goosebuster audio deterrent for even greater success.

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Propane Cannons

Scare-Away LP gas cannons produce harmless 130-decibel bangs to disperse bird and wildlife from crops, orchards, vineyards, campuses, golf courses, fishponds, parks, airfields, and landfills. The same five-gallon LP gas cylinders used for outdoor grills power the Scare-Away cannons.

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Dead Goose Decoy Kit

Nobody likes a dead goose, especially live geese. The Goose Guard is a lifelike goose decoy placed in an “agony” position, convincing live geese there are predators in the vicinity. Goose Guard can be used on land and water (water applications must be anchored, so they won’t float away). A minimum of two decoys should be used for flocking geese to believe predators will return. Kit includes two decoys in “dead” position, plus cord and anchors for water applications.

We provide these and other geese deterrent products, and can provide expert advice on how to most effectively implement these tools for maximum success. Contact us today for more information and pricing.