What is Geese Management?

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Why Do We Need Geese Management?

Canada geese are considered by many to be lovely and wonderful birds. However, they can also be considered a nuisance. Geese have the tendency to gather in a large group called gaggles. When a gaggle occupies one area for an extended period of time, they can wreak havoc on a property. Even a small gaggle of geese can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a property in a single season.

Besides the property damage associated with geese, they may also create potentially serious environmental and health concerns. Another common complaint associated with Canada Geese are aggressive behaviors, attacks towards pets, small children, adults, and even property.

Canada Geese Management Services Ohio | Stalk & Awe Geese Management - canadian-geese-problemWhat is Canada Geese Management?

Geese Management is the process of understanding the behavior and needs of geese during specific seasons to help lower the impact they leave on a property. Our team of professionals have the experience and training to fully understand goose behavior, and how different seasons affect the needs of the geese. This knowledge and training enables us to successfully implement the proper goose control methods for your property.

An Example of Canada Goose Management

Canada Geese possess very predictable instinctual behaviors. These behaviors are directly related to the current “season”.  Looking at the graph below, we can see that there are five basic geese seasons. We know that around February and March, geese begin to pair up and mate. During this time frame, any geese on your property will ultimately nest on your property.

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It is proven that applying consistent pressure with trained border collies during this period the geese will believe that the area is no longer safe to nest or raise their young. Therefore, they will choose another area that is safer to nest. By preventing the geese from nesting on the property, there won’t be any goslings or adults on the property come April. Each season and management protocol effects the following season or seasons.

There are many aspects of geese management to consider when trying to alleviate your nuisance goose conflicts. Our Certified Goose Management Professionals are trained in all aspects of geese management. Contact us today to schedule a free site inspection where we can determine the best solution for your property. We service Dayton, Cincinnati, Dublin, West Chester, Centerville, and the surrounding Ohio Valley region.