Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Humane Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio | Stalk & Awe Geese Management - wildlife-controlAltStalk And Awe Geese Management has partnered with Barnes Wildlife Control for all of your nuisance wildlife control needs. 

Barnes Wildlife Control utilizes humane and environmentally responsible methods of animal control and removal. These methods include; exclusion, wildlife removal, prevention services, and damage repair. Their ecologically sound and innovative methods on animal control and animal removal provide homeowners and businesses effective solutions to their nuisance wildlife. They to are licensed by The Ohio Division of Wildlife and are members of NWCOA or the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and adhere to their professional and ethical standards.

Nuisance wildlife can create safety concerns as well as property damage for homeowners and businesses. These kinds of situations often require the use of a professional due to city ordinances that prevent home and business owners from setting live traps. Barnes Wildlife Control's certified wildlife control specialists can help with trapping and removing all nuisance Wildlife.  For more information on their servcies click on the following link or call 937-340-1867